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Here you can find how to use the library. Not only generic, but also with examples of the different serivces.


The library should be used in the following way.


eHealth has different levels of security, each level is different in usage:
  • Open Services How to connect to eHealth unauthenticated services with WCF
  • MSO Services How to connect to eHealth services that require Belgian Government issued certificates as the eID
  • SSO Serivces How to connec to eHealth services that require an eHealth issued SAML-token as authentication

Services with unqualified elements

When a (business) services has an xsd schema with the root elements in unqualified form, additional actions must be taken.

eHealth PKCS#12 file

eHealth delivers an PKCS#12 file that contains 2 keys (one for encryption and one for authentication). Although this is within the specs of PKCS#12, very few tools support this. Here are 3 ways to deal with it.
  • Windows X509 Store Imports both keys and all certificates in the (secure) X509 Store of you machine
  • Split via OpenSSL Use OpenSSL to split the eHealth PKCS#12 file into 2 separate files
  • Use BouncyCastle Directly use the eHealth PKCS#12 file via a 3th party library

Personally my preference goes to the Windows X509 Store, but you are free to use whatever means you want.

Service Examples

In the source code you can find examples. Extra information about the examples can be found here.


The versioning scheme of the project

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