Known Services List

The level of support of the eH-I library for the known eH services.

Service Type Service Name Service Description eH-I Support eH-I Examples remarks
Open EtkDepot Repository of Care Providers Public Key Information not required see ETEE-Project
Open & SSO Kgss Secure repository of symmetric keys supported see ETEE-Project
MSO Codage Anonymization service to protect data mining supported (not yet validated) provided (not yet validated)
MSO STS Ticket Issuing Service, required for SSO supported provided
MSO ConsultRN National Registry for CareProviders under evaluation work in progress Library will possibly be extended to support these services
SSO MyCareNet Insurability Service for Care Providers to get the insurability of the Care Receivers technicaly possible none (not planned)
SSO eBirth Service for Hosptials to declare newly born technicaly possible non (not planned)
SSO Recip-e Electronic Prescription platform between prescribers and pharmacies technical possible none (not planned) provides its own .Net client

If you known of any other, please indicate me.

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